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Engagement Lingo

Being involved at the University of Tennessee, you may hear or use many of these words.  Have a suggested addition?  Email us your suggestions!


ACE stands for All Campus Events, one of the oldest student organizations at UTK.  ACE plans traditional programs like the Homecoming competition, Carnicus, and All-Sing.  Carnicus and All-Sing have occurred at UTK for over 80 years!


The Campus Events Board, or CEB, is a programming student organization broken down into three committees – Arts + Culture, Entertainment, and Issues Committees. The students in CEB plan a variety of events for the campus community including concerts, late-night social programs, art galleries, speakers, cultural events, and more!


The Center for Student Engagement creates inclusive and innovative opportunities for students to build connections and create community through meaningful involvement, personal development, and co-curricular learning to enhance their Volunteer Experience.

Check-In App

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Hilltopics is the student handbook for the University of Tennessee.  Student organization policies are included in Hilltopics.


The Student Engagement Ambassadors are student office representatives who aim to enhance student organization support and engage the campus community through organization development, communication and outreach. SEAs aid in developing professionals through critical thinking, teamwork, professionalism, leadership, self-development and more!


The Student Government Association, or SGA, exists to provide the student body with a means to deal with the affairs of students and as a forum for the expression of student views concerning student life within the university.


A free banking service for student organizations.  For questions about using Student Organization Business Office, visit SU Suite 174 or email Donna Mount at


SOCK is an annual conference for student organization leaders to attend to learn how to effectively lead and manage their student organization.


The Student Organization Travel Fund, or SOTF, is for registered student organizations that have a need to travel off-campus to regional, state, or national organizational events, competitions, training, etc. to represent the University of Tennessee.

SPSF Program Funding for Students

Programs for students are essential to the college experience at the University of Tennessee. Full-time UT students pay a Student Programs and Services Fee (SPSF), and a portion of that fee is dedicated to supporting programs for students. Students are invited and encouraged to suggest ideas and help organize events.  More information about the SPSF fee can be found at

Student Life/Division of Student Life

The Division of Student Life fosters the intellectual, cultural, social, and emotional development of students by providing a climate conducive to learning and personal growth, enabling them to become fully productive members of a global community.


VOLink is a resource for all students to enrich their involvement experience at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Take some time to familiarize yourself with VOLink at

Vol is a Verb

Each of us has a unique story that we bring to Rocky Top. Being a Volunteer means stepping forward and having the courage to act. We must put actions behind our words and ensure that everyone feels like they matter and belong on Rocky Top.

Vol is a Verb is an invitation to a conversation. It is a collective call to action to work together as a campus community to help make our campus a place where everyone belongs. The Volunteer experience should be accessible to everyone. Every single one of us has a story to tell, and every one of our stories is important.