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Program Review Tracker

In the Spring of 2015 the Center for Student Engagement underwent a departmental program review to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and services we offer the university community. Below are the recommendations and progress updates from our review.



Revise the mission to incorporate new responsibilities and shorten statement by limiting the focus on the Campus Events Board Complete


Build relationships with the other programming councils on campus through the creation of an overseeing program council Complete
Hire an additional administrative assistant to handle the solicitation/reservation process for the Center In Progress – 2 Student Assistants hired to work with the Solicitation Process and Coordinator
Work with campus partners on the solicitation/reservation process to improve its user friendliness In Progress
Develop ways to make VOLink more essential to students and advisors and create a marketing plan to promote its attributes to users In Progress
Review the current mission of the Campus Events Board and its committees. Consider renaming committees to more adequately reflect a more diverse mission to serve multiple groups.  Consider whether the All Campus Events Committee and those traditional events be coordinated by the areas they truly serve except for Homecoming. Note the recommendation for the Homecoming Committee. In Progress
Dedicate funds to the Homecoming Committee to strengthen Homecoming Week Complete
Develop one common account for the Center for Student Engagement and one common account for the Campus Events Board to market their events and programs on social media outlets Complete


Develop a professional mentoring program for the Division of Student Life to enable “less seasoned” professionals to learn from “veterans” Not Started


Create a new Assistant Director position to help advise the Campus Events Board and relieve the reliance on Graduate Assistants Complete – New Coordinator hired May 2016 
Create a new administrative position to manage the solicitation/reservation process for student organizations Complete- GA hired to assist with the Solicitation Process
Create a new Assistant Director position to oversee the marketing and branding for the Center Complete – New Coordinator hired May 2016 


Increase administrative funding to provide more opportunities for professional development Complete
Review the current student activity fee allocation process to ensure it is transparent, that students have an appropriate voice in the process, and that all committee members and student organizations understand the process Not started
Continue the “Choose Option One” marketing campaign to ensure  students are aware of their options and how their money is being used In Progress


Create co-chairs for a campus wide Homecoming Committee with a representative from the Greek community, the Campus Events Board, and the Black Cultural Programming Council with a liaison assigned to the committee from the Alumni Affairs Office Complete


 Create a programming council that meets regularly to promote collaboration and more understanding between different programming councils In Progress
Continue to work, when professional openings occur within the Center, to encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds In Progress
If staffing levels are increased, then the Director should work with the appropriate office (typically University Advancement) to develop relationships with significant alumni and potential donors Not Started


A comprehensive study of the budgets at similar areas at SEC and peer institutions needs to be completed and appropriate recommendations based on findings suggested Not Started


Funding for three new professional staff members needs to be obtained In Progess- Funding obtained for one Coordinator and GA position repurposed to create one Coordinator position
Research more appropriate methods to scan students in at events through smart devices and tablets Complete


Develop a more effective method for student organizations to utilize technology Complete


The new space in the renovated University Center needs to:  Be redesigned to maximize interactions between student organizations and other professional areas; provide a central access point for students to get involved; provide student organizations with a “true home base”; create student organizations work spaces; provide professional staff with adequate work space; (a suggested redesign was left with the Director of the Center for Student Engagement) In Progress
The Center for Student Engagement needs to have first priority in the new University Center in terms of performance and meeting spaces In Progress


The Center should develop an annual plan to share assessment information with other departments on campus In Progress