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Pit Crew Information

Central Program Council (CPC) Application Process:

Programmers in Training (PIT) Crew


The reason for implementing PIT Crew is to allow applicants to explore all CPC and programming has to offer before applying to individual committees. It also streamlines the process for applicants who wish to apply for multiple committees. The centralized process allows CPC exec to oversee recruitment and allows each committee to have input not only on who is selected for their committee but to openly discuss all CPC applicants. Following selection, the PIT Crew training sessions and activities ensure a smooth, productive transition of new members onto their respective committees.

CPC Council Member Selection Process:

1.) Complete general application that focuses on why the applicant is interested in applying to CPC and explores their interest in putting on events and activities for their fellow students. These applications are reviewed by CPC exec and representative from every committee. This round is a general check to ensure that applicants have met the minimum GPA for membership, are aware of CPC’s mission, and are seeking to serve their campus through programming.

2.) Applicants will be notified whether or not they have advanced to the next round. Applicants are then required to attend 1 of 2 information sessions the following week that introduces them to the missions and structure of all 8 committees. Applicants must also attend least 1 meeting of one of our eight committees to better acquaint them with how we function.

3.) Applicants completing the requirements will be asked to select between 1 and 3 of our committees to interview with during our Interview Week. If an applicant interviews with more than one committee, they can still only be placed on one committee.

4.) Committees internally rank applicants who interviewed with them in one of four categories: definitely, yes, maybe, and no. Each committee follows the bylaws of their individual committee in creating this ranking. Then representatives of all 8 committees and CPC exec gather for our drafting meeting. Each applicant is discussed and drafted individually. If multiple committees wish to take an applicant, there is a debate and discussion between the involved committees. If no accord can be reach, the involved committees will present their case to all 8 committees and each committee votes to determine on which of the deadlocked committees the applicant will be placed on. If no one wishes to take an applicant, they are temporarily  placed in an “out” category. At the end of the draft, the rosters of new members are placed on the board and reviewed by all 8 committees and CPC exec and discussion takes place as to the balance and composition of the new member rosters. Switches and alterations can be made at this time. Then, all 8 committees and CPC exec examine the list of “out” members. At this time committees may reconsider any applicants that they now wish to take. When this stage is complete, one final review of the new member rosters is made and all 8 committees and CPC exec vote to accept the new members.

4.) Applicants are notified by email whether or not they have been placed on a committee, but they are not yet told which committee they have been selected by. Newly selected members will then complete three weeks of Programmers In Training (PIT) Crew sessions. PIT Crew members attend weekly meetings. The first week covers the structure of CPC and Student Activities, budget and funding, CPC’s mission, responsibilities of members, and emphasizes that members of CPC must take their role as stewards of student fees as a serious responsibility. The second week covers is a crash course in programming in which we discuss event selection, event planning, marketing, and day of and during event roles and responsibilities. The third week discusses leadership opportunities and goal setting, and the meeting ends with a reveal party in which the new members are told which committees they are now a member of. At this time, PIT Crew members become full-voting members of their respective committees.