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About the Co-Curricular Transcript

The Co-Curricular Transcript is a record of a student’s participation in select experiences that occur outside of the traditional classroom. The University of Tennessee validates all information presented on a student’s Co-Curricular Transcript. Validation occurs within each program responsible for the experiences and is then maintained in a centralized system. Students do not personally enter any experiences onto their transcripts.

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The Five Volunteer Experiences


Students are able to gain leadership skills in a variety of roles/positions/experiences.  As a campus, we believe leadership is accessible to all people and can be developed through a values-based process that is collaborative and relational.

A comprehensive list of Leadership Experiences appearing on the CCT is available. If you participated in leadership experience, indicated on the list of Leadership Experiences on the Co-Curricular Transcript, and the experience did not appear, please complete the Co-Curricular Transcript Missing Leadership Experience Form. If your campus/academic department/college would like a Leadership Experience added to the Co-Curricular Transcript, please complete the New CCT Leadership Experience Form.


Our campus defines community service/volunteerism as “action taken to meet the needs of others and to better the community as a whole” (Campus Compact, 1998).  Service does not include philanthropic events or time spent completing the task of a designated leadership position.

International Education
International education is an academic credit-bearing experience outside of the United States of America. Students develop professional, academic, and personal skills in international and intercultural settings. Their education abroad experiences are validated by the Center for International Education and may consist of one or more of the following: classroom study; independent study; internship; research; and service-learning.
Professional and Applied Experiences
Students participate in educationally- related work experiences that integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.  These could be called internships, practicum, and field experiences, among other titles.
Undergraduate Research

Students work collaboratively with a research mentor on research projects. These research experiences prepare students for graduate school and/or employment opportunities. Research experiences validated by the Office of Undergraduate Research are activities beyond what is completed as part of regular course work but may include work completed as part of an independent study.