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Campus Events Board

The Center for Student Engagement works with the student leaders on the Campus Events Board (CEB) to provide a balanced and diverse range of events that engages students and fosters an inclusive campus culture at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. From speakers to comedians, interactive activities to concerts, these events play a pivotal role on campus providing space for thousands of students to connect and engage with the campus community throughout the year.

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Regine Gomez President
Saloni Boghani Vice President of Membership
Maddie Cooper Vice President of Communication
Joceline Guadarrama Arts + Culture Committee President
Lily Bynum Arts + Culture Membership Chair
Ashley Bell Arts + Culture Communication Chair
Brooke Heidebrecht Entertainment Committee President
Regan Ailts Entertainment Membership Chair
Everett Gibson Entertainment Communication Chair
Shrujana Senthil Issues Committee Executive Chair
Mariah Laux Issues Membership Chair
Camille Gonzalez Issues Communication Chair

The Campus Events Board Election Packets contain the procedures and forms relating to elections of the leadership within the Campus Events Board.

Council Elections and the Committee Elections will occur in the scheduled meeting the week of March 21, 2022. The Election Candidate Forms should be submitted to by March 16, 2022.

By serving on the Leadership Team of the Campus Events Board, members are asked to hold themselves to a higher standard of commitment and connection to the organization.  Please complete one packet for each position you wish to run for during CEB Elections

Executive Leadership Team Positions

The President, Vice President of Membership, and Vice President of Communications who are responsible for overseeing all functions of CEB as a whole comprise the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).  The ELT and the Committee Leadership Team (CLT) comprise the CEB Council

The President of the Campus Events Board is the individual responsible for leading the Organization.  The President oversees the CEB Council. CEB President
The Vice President of Membership of the Campus Events Board is the individual responsible for overseeing all membership initiatives including recruitment and elections. CEB VP of Membership
The Vice President of Communications of the Campus Events Board is the individual responsible for overseeing all marketing and communications for CEB; including overseeing all CEB social media CEB VP of Communications


Committee Leadership Team Positions

The Committee President, Membership Chair, and Communications Chair of a programming committee comprise the Committee Leadership Team.

A Committee President of the Campus Events Board is the individual responsible for leading a specific committee within CEB. CEB Committee President
A Committee Membership Chair of the Campus Events Board is responsible for membership initiatives within the Committee including supporting recruitment and overseeing retention initiatives. CEB Committee Membership Chair
A Committee Communications Chair of the Campus Events Board is responsible for marketing all Committee events. CEB Committee Communications Chair


The Campus Events Board is includes three committees who plan a variety of events for the campus community!

Arts & Culture

The purpose of the Arts & Culture Committee is to provide artistic and cultural events that deepen the appreciation and knowledge of diversity & fine arts. They plan events such as performing arts performances, spoken work poetry nights, and Arts & Culture Week. They also select art exhibitions for the Student Union Art Gallery. Past events have included Todrick Hall, Rhymefest, and the annual screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Meeting Time: Mondays, 4:30-5:30 pm


The purpose of the Entertainment Committee is to provide interactive social programs. They plan late night social events, comedians, and concerts. Past events have included Noel Miller, Knoxville Local Music and Food Sampler, Haunted Campus, and Volapalozza.

Meeting Time: Mondays, 4:30-5:30 pm


The purpose of the Issues Committee is to provide events that promote constructive dialogue about pertinent issues among all students. They bring a diverse and engaging lineup of speakers each school year and often collaborate with many student organizations. Past events have included Tan France, Symone Sanders, Yoga Night, Random of Acts of Kindness Day, and Jim Obergefell.  Issues Committee has also hosted events to raise awareness surrounding various issues facing our society including the Semicolon Project.

Meeting Time: Mondays, 4:30-5:30 pm

Interested in joining one or more of the committees above? Apply to be a member of CEB today!