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CCT Criteria

All experiences and data that appears on the Co-Curricular Transcript is vetted and approved by the Center for Student Engagement at the University of Tennessee to maintain accuracy.

The criteria below details the criteria for experiences that appear on the Co-Curricular Transcript.  Information and contact information for missing CCT data is indicated under each experience type

Criteria for Leadership

In order for a role/position/experience to be determined a “Leadership Experience” on the Co-Curricular Transcript it must meet the criteria below

  • Must be a staff/faculty verified experience
  • Significant leadership development, learning, personal growth must occur in role/position/experience – could be verified through learning outcomes, position description, etc.
  • Student must serve at least one semester year in role/position/experience
  • Experience cannot be solely academic focused, but rather a unique out of classroom role/position/experience

Additionally, membership/participation in an organization does not count towards the Leadership Experience on the CCT; only significant roles/positions/experiences.

A comprehensive list of Leadership Experiences appearing on the CCT is available.

Co-Curricular Transcript Missing Leadership Experience Form

If you participated in a leadership experience, indicated on the list of Leadership Experiences on the Co-Curricular Transcript, and the experience did not appear, please complete the form below. Fill out this form if information on your co-curricular transcript is either missing or incorrect.
  • Missing Experience

  • If multiple years, please indicate in your response by typing multiple and we will follow-up with getting the correct years.
  • Provide a faculty or staff member who can verify the leadership experience.
  • For the individual provided above, please indicate which department they represent.

Criteria for Service

In order for community service/volunteerism to count toward the Service Experience on the Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) it must meet the criteria below:

  • Students who complete service hours on campus, in Knoxville or the greater community MUST log their volunteer hours via the campus’ Service Hour Tracking Tool 
  • Hours must be logged within 30 days of serving
  • Our campus defines community service/volunteerism as “action taken to meet the needs of others and to better the community as a whole” (Campus Compact, 1998)
  • Trackable hours do not include leadership positions held within organizations or campus departments or philanthropy (fundraising) events

Service Hours are uploaded via the Center for Leadership and Service’s Service Hour Tracker.

Criteria for International Education

International education is an academic credit-bearing experience outside of the United States of America. Students develop professional, academic, and personal skills in international and intercultural settings. Their education abroad experiences are validated by the Center for International Education and may consist of one or more of the following: classroom study; independent study; internship; research; and service-learning.

For missing Education Abroad data, please contact the Center for International Education.

Criteria for Professional or Applied Experience

Guided by the NACE definition of internships and the University’s criteria for internship (N) designated courses, a professional or applied experience must adhere to the following tenets to be included on the Co-Curricular Transcript:

  • The experience must be in a professional or organizational setting where student is performing work that is applicable to their fields of study, educational goals and/or career aspirations, and can be transferable to other employment or academic settings.
  • The experience must have a defined beginning and end.
  • The experience must have specific learning objectives or goals that are relevant to competencies in the field of study and/or career readiness competencies.
  • The experience includes routine supervision and feedback by a professional with expertise related to the field of study, educational goals and/or career and vocational aspirations.

Additionally, the professional or applied experience can be paid or unpaid and completed for academic credit or completed independent of academic coursework. The experience may be called an internship, practicum, field experience, or other relevant title. In order to be included on the co-curricular transcript, the experience was verified by the supervisor.

Add a Professional or Applied Experience to your CCT complete the steps below:

  1. Download the Employer Verification Form and submit to your internship, practicum, or field placement supervisor. You or your supervisor must email the signed form to Mary Beth Browder, Assistant Director of Internship Development, at
  2. Update your Career Profile ( and report your internship or professional experience to be officially verified.

Once the steps are completed, your professional or applied experience will appear on the CCT.

Criteria for Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research at the University of Tennessee is defined using the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) definition: An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. To be included on the Co-Curricular Transcript it must meet the criteria below:

  • Supervised by a research mentor
  • Participation can be on-campus or off-campus research projects or research presentations
  • Participation validated by the research mentor to the Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Completed outside of regular coursework, with the exception of an independent study

Inclusion on the CCT does not denote whether the participation was paid, volunteer, or through academic credit.

To report missing or incorrect Undergraduate Research information complete this form.

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