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Facilities Services

Tables, Chairs, and Staging

  • 1-4 tables and up to 40 chairs – Responsibility of the group
  • 5-10 tables and/or up to 90 chairs –$40.00 flat fee
  • 11-15 tables and/or up to 130 chairs –$60.00 flat fee
  • 16-20 tables and/or up to 170 chairs – $80.00 flat fee
  • 21-25 tables and/or up to 210 chairs – $100.00 flat fee
  • 26-30 tables and/or up to 250 chairs – $120.00 flat fee
  • Greater than 30 tables and/or 250 chairs – Responsibility of the group
  • Require Risers to be provided by Facilities Services (*cost involved)
  • Requires a Stage to be provided by Facilities Services (*cost involved)

Electricity and Electrical Services

If your event requires electricity, please contact the Electrical Shop at 865-974-2505, at least FOUR DAYS, before your event to determine availability of power at the event venue.

Use of Tents

  • Due to safety concerns, tent stakes are no longer permitted on campus, pop-up or weighted tents are permitted
  • Tents can be reserved through the Center for Student Engagement for registered Student Organizations, please contact CSE at 865-974-5455

Recycling and Trash Collection

Your group is responsible for the cleanliness of the event space after your event is done. If you are using caterers, ensure they are cleaning up after themselves and get everything into containers provided. If your group leaves a mess, you will be charged a cleaning fee and may be restricted from holding future events.

Contact if you would like your event to be a Zero Waste Event