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Required Information

Below is the information required to complete a solicitation/event request:

  • Name and Contact Information of Event Sponsor
  • Name of Student Organization and/or University Department (Event Sponsor)
  • Name and Contact of Faculty/ Staff Advisor and/or Department (Event Sponsor)
  • Event Title
  • Description of Event
  • Event Location
  • Event Date and Time
  • Estimated Attendance (at any given time during the event)
  • Will fliers be posted for this event?
  • Will there be Information Distribution?
  • Merchandise Sales?
  • Food and Beverages?
    • Type of food and beverages sold
    • Vendor or individual food will be provided by
  • Will Parking Area(s) and/or Street(s) need to be blocked for this event? Special Parking Request Form
  • Is this a Dance or Major Event?
    • Estimated average attendance (at any given time during the event) for concerts, shows, and speakers (See Large Event Policy)
  • Labor/ Material Required
      • Require Table(s) and/or chair(s) to be provided by Facilities Services (*cost involved)?
        • Please NOTE:
        • 1-4 tables and up to 40 chairs – Responsibility of the group
        • 5-10 tables and/or up to 90 chairs –$40.00 flat fee
        • 11-15 tables and/or up to 130 chairs –$60.00 flat fee
        • 16-20 tables and/or up to 170 chairs – $80.00 flat fee
        • 21-25 tables and/or up to 210 chairs – $100.00 flat fee
        • 26-30 tables and/or up to 250 chairs – $120.00 flat fee
        • Greater than 30 tables and/or 250 chairs – Responsibility of the group
      • Require Risers to be provided by Facilities Services (*cost involved)
      • Requires a Stage to be provided by Facilities Services (*cost involved)
      • Trash Collection and Removal?
        • Recycling?
      • Electricity?
        1. *If you will be using electricity please contact the Electrical Shop at 974-2505 FOUR DAYS before your event to determine the availability of power at your requested location.
      • Will you be using a Tent?
        • Note: Due to safety concerns, tent stakes are no longer permitted on campus
          1. If yes, who/ what company will be providing tent?
      • Will there be outdoor amplified sound at this event?
      • Restroom access needed for weekend/ evening outdoor event?
      • Other requests

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