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Student Organization Business Office (SOBO)

Student Organization Checking Account Management Guidelines

  • The Student Organization Business Office will receive regular correspondence from the Center for Student Engagement regarding student officers of recognized student organizations on campus.
  • The Student Organization Business Office will ensure that the student organization advisors receive the checkbook register information on request.

Questions? Please contact Donna Mount at 974-3168 or come by 174W Student Union.

  • Register with Center for Student Engagement, 174 Student Union
  • Come to Student Organization Business Office in 174W Student Union
  • SOBO office will open account and assign an account number and a disbursement book
  • Need to sign a signature card at SOBO office – President, Treasurer, and Advisor signatures are needed

  • Fill out a disbursement in the amount of the balance in the account minus the yearly bookkeeping charges
  • The disbursement needs to be made out to the organization (No disbursement will be processed if made out to an individual)
  • Advisor of the organization must send a memo and sign the disbursement with their authorization to close the account
  • Check will be processed and can be picked up in 5 business days

  • Fill out blue disbursement form completely
  • Attach a receipt or invoice to every disbursement. This proof of documentation for disbursement protects your organization and this office if any questions are ever asked about your records. Checks without proper documentation for each disbursement will not be issued until the appropriate receipt or invoice is provided.
  • A current signature card must be filled out completely and on file in the office before checks can be disbursed
  • The advisor and the authorized organization officer must sign disbursements requests that exceed $100.00
  • An Advance disbursement can be obtained also before an event. To do this, bring disbursement with amount that the organization needs to be processed with proper signatures. Receipts or invoice will need to be turned in to the SOBO office within three business days of the event.

  • Deposit should be dropped off at 174W Student Union between 8 am and 3 pm. Endorse checks with organization name on back of check. A written numbered receipt for each deposit will be issued, but the deposit will not be verified at that time. Upon verification, if any discrepancies are detected, the individual who made the deposit will be immediately contacted to determine the source of the error. A new receipt will be issued for the correct deposit amount.
  • When receiving checks from individuals or companies please have them make checks out to the organization. DO NOT make them out to University of Tennessee. If a company or individual makes a donation to the organization and needs a receipt for tax purposed, the process will need to be handled differently.
  • If the check needs to be processed for tax purposes, it will need to be made out to University of Tennessee and that deposit will need to be made with Mark Alexander at 515 Andy Holt Tower. He will need to deposit the check into a restricted account set up for student organizations, he will need to know how the donor wants the money spent and then the invoice will need to be sent to him also to process payment out of the account for the expenditure the donor wants it spent for.

  • SOBO – Disbursement Voucher
  • Box Office Report
  • Tax ID Instructions:A Tax ID Number or EIN (Employer ID Number) is like a social security number for your organization. Student organizations are often in situations that require a Federal Tax ID Number (opening an off campus organizational bank account, conducting fundraisers with a business, etc.). Registered student organizations are not permitted to use the UT’s tax identification number; therefore they are required to obtain their own EIN. The purpose of the EIN is so the IRS will not make any organization members personally responsible for taxes on revenue that the organization has earned.To get a Tax ID number, you may contact the IRS and request a Form SS-4 (Application for Employer Identification Number) or visit their Web site in order to request an EIN.
  • Is my student organization Tax Exempt?  Registering your organization with the Center for Student Engagement/ Dean of Students does not cover you under University of Tennessee tax-exempt number.  A student organization is NOT authorized to use UTs tax-exempt identification number for purchases.  Your organization is not “Tax-Exempt” unless you have applied for-and been granted that status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).