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Student Organization Registration

The Center for Student Engagement is home to over 500 registered student organizations.  Find out ways below to register a new student organization or update a current student organization.

Three Steps to Creating a New Student Organization

Thank you for your interest in starting a new student organization at the University of Tennessee. We are proud to register more than 500 student organizations on campus! Please review the procedures to register your new student organization.  There is no deadline to submit new registrations as the Advisory Committee on Student Organizations meets monthly to review registrations. Below you will find information on the requirements and procedures to start a new organization.
Hilltopics – Rules and Regulations for Student Organizations 

Step 1: Information Session

All students interested in starting a new organization are required to attend an Information Session. This Information Session will introduce students to the registration process, policies and procedures for being a registered organization, resources available for student organizations, and an overview of VOLink.  The Information Session will also focus on some leadership skill building.  The Information Session will also serve as a time for us to learn about you and the Organization you are wishing to register

For more information, please email Abigail Wallace, Graduate Assistant at with any questions.

Spring 2018 Information Session Dates:

January 31

February 21

March 28


All Information Sessions are held at 4 pm in Hodges Library Room 252.

Step 2: Registration Form

To begin the registration form, you must log in to VOLink . Access to the form will be provided during the Initial Organization Meeting with the Center for Student Engagement.

Please note: to complete this registration form, you must have the following ready to submit:


Step 3: Advisory Committee on Student Organizations

All completed applications will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee on Student Organizations.  Upon approval, your student organization will become a recognized student organization at the University of Tennessee effective 10 days after the decision is made.

Each year, your organization will be required to fill out a re-registration form and update the organization’s VOLink page to continue their status as a registered student organization. The president of the organization must complete the form.

An updated list of registered student organizations is available online on VOLink. Failing to update information with the Center for Student Engagement may result in a student organization losing its active status and all rights and privileges such status entails. (Hilltopics Student Handbook, page 74). Student Organizations who lose active status will be required to meet with the Coordinator for Student Engagement to gain active status.

The Annual Registration process takes place during the Summer and ends at the start of the new semester.

Important Dates

The re-registration period for the 2017-2018 Academic Year will be open from May 1, 2017 and close August 1, 2017.

Enter the VOLink website to re-register your organization

Steps to Re-Register a Student Organization

To access your organization’s re-registration form, please log-in and visit your organization’s VOLink profile and click on “Register” in the blue task bar at the center of the page. The re-registration form will include updating organization officers, roster members, advisors, and contact information.

If your re-registration is denied and you are asked to make changes to your organization’s submission, you will need to request access to your re-registration submission.

Changes can be made simply following these instructions:

  1. Log-in to VOLink
  2. Select “Manage” from the top-right corner (click the Grid near the Photo)
  3. Scroll to “Register an Organization”
  4. Select your Organization Name to access the Re-Registration Form – the Re-Registration Form asks for an Updated Officer List, Roster, Constitution/Bylaws, and agreement to various student organization policies.

Note: If an active Green Dot does not appear next to your organization’s name, a re-registration for this academic year has already been submitted for your organization.

Need to update your organization?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page for instructions on updating your organization.

If an organization is inactive for over a year, the organization will be disabled and considered inactive.  This will result in any organization funds being donated to the group outlined in the organization’s constitution. If the organization has not selected a specific group to receive these funds, they will be donated to the University of Tennessee General Fund.


To reactivate an organization, please click the link at the bottom of the page. Once this form is submitted, the Center for Student Engagement will be notified.  You may be required to provide further information before the re-activation is approved.  Further required information may include (but is not limited to):

  • Any information pertaining to the registration of an organization
  • A meeting with the Coordinator for Student Engagement or Graduate Assistant
  • An updated constitution
  • A new advisor (must be full-time faculty or staff)
  • A new president/acting president
  • A roster of 10 students supporting the reactivation (NetIds Required)

Once a re-activation is submitted, a reactivated student organization will have to complete a re-registration

If you have any questions please contact Jordan Smith at
Re-Activate A Student Organization Form

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