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How to Make a Button

Did you ever see someone walking down Ped Walkway or around the Union wearing a button? You probably wondered what it’s for and what it says – that is the appeal of buttons they’re not something you see on everyone every day. A button pin can stand out from the norm.

What can a button do? In this era of digital marketing, something personalized and tangible such as a button pin, can go a long way to make your event or organization more memorable to others.

Buttons are visual: a button worn by organization members or supporters gives a organization, event, or initiative the opportunity to engage anyone they come across in a visual way. An effective way to utilize buttons could be to advertise an event or to raise awareness to an issue to help support the organization.  For example, if your organization is having a philanthropy fundraiser to support a local animal shelter, your organization could make buttons with animals organization members adopted from shelters.

A button design that pops with bright colors and images can help you say: we stand out.

A Canva template and instructions for creating and designing a 2.25 inch button (standard size button) is available for students and student organizations to utilize.

Please be sure to make a copy of this document by selecting “File” and selecting

“Make a Copy”. Rename the new file as the Event Name or Initiative Name.  You will need a Canva account to utilize the template. There is a free version of Canva, which will allow you to make edits to the template.

After making a copy of the document, you are able to make the design you wish for your button!

The Center for Student Engagement is able to help print out the design and will provide up to 24 buttons for free (per event/initiative) for student organizations.  Visit the CSE to print the button templates and to create the buttons!