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Large Event Policy

The purposes of this policy are to take reasonable steps to create a safe and secure environment for persons attending certain events and to clarify expectations of all persons, organizations, and employees involved in planning and managing those events including, but not limited to, sponsoring organizations, employees of the Division of Student Life, and employees of the University of Tennessee Police Department.[1]

This policy applies to events or programs that meet any one (1) of the following criteria:

  • Outdoor events or programs for which 500 or more persons are reasonably anticipated to attend;
  • Indoor social events or programs generally defined as a large crowd/high impact, interactive activities that may include a dance, party, concert, performance or overnight event;
  • Overnight events or programs held either indoors or outdoors; and/or
  • Concerts and/or performances held either indoors or outdoors.

An event or program that meets one of the criteria outlined above is termed an “Event” and the sponsoring student organization is termed “event sponsor” in this policy.

Read the full Large Event Policy before planning your next major event.

Examples below include the difference of small versus large events:

Large Event
Small Event
500 or more people Less than 500 people*
Concert, Dance, Performance based events Information Distribution
Overnight Events Workshop or Informational Type Event
High Impact Events Film Showing or Speaker

* Indoor Events with more than 249 people, would need to have 2 University Approved Security Officers

[1] This policy supersedes other policies, procedures, or guidelines concerning large events, and this policy controls in the event of a conflict between this policy and other policies, procedures, or guidelines.